About me

I am an 18-year-old student and free-time web developer from Austria. My love for code and all the debugging that comes with it was sparked in 2010 when I saw people on MW2 run around with CFG menus. From there on I started diving into coding. I didn't really learn much at the time since the only thing that I did back then was creating simple CFG menus. With taking a break from cod, there also came a break from coding (well, not really, because CFG isn't really code). Years later when GSC for Black Ops II was released I started picking up on it again. Though the fun didn't last very long. Not much time later I started attending a college of business administration, which currently occupies most of my time. I began to familiarise myself with HTML and JavaScript at the beginning of 2017 and soon PHP followed. I tried coding some fun things, but upon looking at my creations I noticed that the designs were full on trash. So I started my journey to learn CSS and other minor things like JQuery and Bootstrap. Currently, I'm focusing on easing my workflow by learning HAML and then maybe move over to something like SCSS or Snap. In the future, I want to attempt learning C++ and python.


These projects are basically a collection of minor tasks I decided putting my time into. This list isn't complete yet and they aren't ordered or sturctured in any way. This is still work in progress (obviously).